Empowering and educating families and youth of ethnic immigrant groups from Ethiopia and Eritrea

According to Statistics Canada, the number of Ethiopian and Eritrean new comers is growing by over 100% annually in Alberta and Canada. However, resources and direction for a positive new life for these new comers is lacking.

Excel Family and Youth Society was established to fill the gap between NGO’s and our communities. We bring together professionals, community associations and faith-based organizations on one platform to work together towards building stronger, safer and productive communities.

EFYS endeavors to help all government agencies and service providers to effectively provide their services to our members in need, therefore, sustaining Canadian political, economic and social systems.


Our objective is to educate and inspire all ethnic groups migrating from Ethiopia and Eritrea towards creating healthy, positive lives for them in Canada. Our organization is a bridge between Canadian and ethnic cultural / social systems. We intend to build a stronger community that will help newcomers become well-integrated, productive, successful and proud citizens.



We believe in each other. We have confidence and trust in the capabilities and intentions of our colleagues in our communities. We share knowledge and learn from each other. Collectively, we are focused on doing what is best for all families and youth.


We do what we say we will do. Our relationships are based upon love, respect and fairness in all our dealings and activities. Our actions demonstrate our integrity.


We take personal responsibility for our actions and their results, knowing we can create positive changes in the lives of the people in our community and make a difference.


We believe that anything which is done with love can bring a tremendous change to our communities. We approach all communities, families and youth with love. We work hard to establish strong and stable relationships within families and among our youth.